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September 01 2011


August 25 2011

Fainting Bankers of Wall Street in Keiser Report

August 16 2011


August 09 2011

Kenneth Rogoff Interview
Economist Ken Rogoff of Harvard talks about U.S. debt downgrading by Standard & Poor's. Susan Li asks him also about the European monetary situation and China.

August 08 2011


China's Downgrade Dilemma 8/8/2011

With $1.2 trillion in U.S. debt, China faces new challenges in the wake of the U.S. credit rating downgrade. Wall Street Journal's Andy Browne and Tom Orlik discuss the factors at play, as China weighs its policy options.

August 06 2011


US Credit Rating Downgrade: The Important Detail

Whatever the rating the US Treasury market is the largest, deepest and most liquid in the world. Further, a ratings agency isn’t in fact determining the likelihood of repayment nor even really the credit rating: with sovereigns, it’s much more true to say that they’re summing up what the wider market already thinks.

So, in this limited sense the move in the rating is simply confirming what the market already believes and markets don’t move on old information, they move on new information.


Marc Faber on Global Financial Markets 

U.S. Stock Market Meltdown Analysis by Barton Biggs
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